How to Prepare Your Car for Sale

Make your vehicle stand out.

How to Prepare Your Car for Sale in Bradenton, FL

Thinking of turning in your car for some cash? Bring it to Gettel Genesis of Lakewood — we’ll buy it from you! We strive to give all our customers an unbeatable offer and a rewarding experience, whether that’s leaving with cash in your wallet or trading in your vehicle for a new or used model. Discover your vehicle’s Kelley Blue Book® value on our website and keep reading to find out how you can prepare your car for sale.

Preparing Your Car for Sale

A number of factors can affect your model’s value — these include its age, mileage, trim, features, popularity and condition. While some of these factors are out of your control, you can still influence the final payout by investing time and effort in the following below:

Interior Cleaning and Detailing

Whether you bring in the experts or do it yourself, cleaning and detailing your car is a necessary step before you sell. If you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty or want to save some money, grab some cleaning supplies and pay attention to these areas:

  • Remove all personal items and trash from the car.
  • Vacuum the carpet and upholstery thoroughly.
  • If the floor mats are stained, you can wash them with carpet shampoo.
  • Wash the windows and windshield inside and out.
  • Pull twigs and leaves out from the area where the wipers sit.
  • Check the trunk for any belongings.
  • Ensure that the spare tire, car jack and tools are all in their proper places.
  • Want to take it to the next level? Polish your tires and rims for extra sparkle and shine.

Exterior Refurbishments

As time goes by, those scratches and dents on your vehicle’s exterior may seem insignificant to you; however, they can diminish your car’s value. Small issues can be tackled with a DIY kit from a local mechanic, but larger repairs may demand the expertise of a professional. Before you bring your car to a body shop, ensure you ask for a reasonable estimate so that you don’t end up paying top dollar. If the price is exorbitant, your best bet might be to sell your vehicle as-is.

Minor Repairs and Replacements

Did your car’s headlights decide to stop functioning out of the blue? Have erratic windshield wipers? Oil that’s way overdue for a change? It’s important to fix these issues before you decide to sell your vehicle. However, if you’re looking at substantial repairs for your model, we advise selling it in its current condition.

Removing Customizations

Last but not least, be sure to take off any custom accessories before you sell. While adding decals, stickers and other exterior modifications adds your own flair to your vehicle, you’ll want it to stay as close as possible to its original form. If you’ve made considerable changes to your vehicle’s paint color or internal components, just keep us posted when you bring in your vehicle.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us! Our team will be happy to help, and we can’t wait to give you a great offer for your car. Gettel Genesis of Lakewood is located at 5921 East, FL-64, Bradenton, FL 34208, serving the automotive needs of our neighbors from St. Petersburg and Brandon.